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Start manifesting to a HIGHER LEVEL – start to manifest your dream lifestyle more naturally – without the struggle or confusion with our completely free guide.

We know the law of attraction can be confusing, it can seem to good to be true, and it can be hard to know where to start and what to do… not anymore – this is why we’ve written this book..

In this book we share with you – for FREE – the key principles of the law of attraction. It is a step by step guide from beginner level upwards.

To take you from A-B, from journeyman to advanced manifestor!

This ebook will sometimes elaborate and  give more detail on some aspects – going into greater depth to provide real valuable information, but often we are simplifying and cutting the fat away – to help you to get straight into practice and take action towards your desires.

The Most Popular Free Manifestation eBook in the World?


We wrote our eBook simply wanting to share it with a few people, to see who we could reach. We wrote it from our own experience of manifesting and wanted to give some SIMPLE steps to help people to manifest naturally and consistently.

Popularity of our ebook on facebook

We didn’t expect that it would go massively viral on facebook.

Since October 2013, 100,000+ people have downloaded it, we have around 70,000 likes on our facebook page. When we released it initially we posted one single image to our facebook page offering it. It has had 27,238 likes and 1015 comments – on a SINGLE image.

We are also bowled over by your gratitude and praise. We LOVE reading the 100s and 100s of positive comments and reviews we receive to our facebook page (and in the facebook comments below on this page_

Why is it Popular?

I think for 2 reasons:

  1. Possibly because it is short – you can read it in 30 minutes, over a cup of coffee.
  2. It is simple – the heading is “Simple Steps”.. and it really is – the law of attraction doesn’t need to be complicated, so we simplify what has worked for us and give clear actionable steps that you can take today.

Is it really free?

This a 29 page, 9,000 word eBook – it is not for sale (although some charge more for less and still leave you asking questions)

And YES, it is 100% free – there is no hidden charge, commitment or anything extra.


Because if you can really manifest you can think higher, you can make money, you can attract a fulfilling lifestyle – we’re not billionaires here, but since discovering and learning the law of attraction for ourselves we enjoy more freedom and have happier, more abundant lifestyles..

The law of attraction has changed our lives, and in the spirit of gratitude, we want to give something back.

Here is a Quick Look at the Chapters

Chapter 1: Knowledge is Power – The start of any journey is a deep knowledge of that which you seek – get this solid foundation right and the next steps will begin to fall into place.

Chapter 2: Focus Your Mind – Without a sharpened, focused mind you will never truly manifest. The mind is your tool, learn how to use it – how to develop focus and laser concentration to hone in on your desires accurately.

Chapter 3: Become Action Orientated – The LoA isn’t just about wishful thinking – it is about taking focused, proactive action towards your goals and physically bringing your visualization into existence through purposeful, precise action.

Chapter 4: Have 100% Belief – Only when you truly believe can you manifest to your highest potential. If you can crack this element then you will manifest the life you deserve.

Chapter 5: The Importance of Positivity – Thinking positing is half of the law of attraction to be honest – whether your thoughts are positive or negative, you will manifest them all the same, so ensure that you are thinking positively and proactively.

Chapter 6: The Importance of Gratitude – This is the element people either forget or under-estimate. Learn exactly how to use the power of gratitude to get more of the things you are happy with in your life and super charge your manifesting.

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